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By connecting to the BBIX IX connection point, it enables you to exchange Internet traffic directly with other customers who are connected to the point.

In addition, by connecting to the nearest IX connection points, you can take advantage of higher-quality communications with less latency.

BBIX contributes to reducing the traffic exchange cost of customers by aiming to slash Japan’s said to be, “the most expensive” IX connection charges in the world, and providing a global competitive pricing.

BBIX has been adopted by major domestic and overseas ISP, OTT and CATV operators, and offers an environment where traffic can be exchanged directly with each other.

In addition to IPv4 connectivity, IPv6 is supported. IPv6 only and IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack connectivity is also supported as a standard service.


Additional services

BBIX Transit Service This service provides transit connections on the same port as the IX service for customers who use BBIX’s IX service. See more
Managed Peering Router This service supports customer’s Internet connection operation by installing, operating, and maintaining routers.
See more
BBIX Multi-Cloud Service This service enables direct and private access with multiple cloud services over the same IX port. See more
BBIX for Microsoft Azure Peering Service This optional service enables the direct connection to Microsoft Azure Peering Service from the IX port. See more
Flow Analysis Service This service extracts and analyzes the flow data sent from the customer’s router to BBIX, and provides it as a traffic report.
Route Server By Peering with the route server, you are virtually peering with other customers who are connected to the route server, and thus you are able to exchange routes with multiple operators without negotiating individually.
By connecting to the route server and establishing peering, the user can receive the route of the carrier using the route server and/or publicize the user’s own route.
Private VLAN option This optional service enables multiple logical networks to be superimposed on the same port.
Smart IX This optional service enables customers to exchange internet traffic with other customers connected to remote and/or overseas BBIX zone sites using BBIX’s wide area L2 networks.

BBIX Connection Points

Region Country Zone BBIX Sites Ports Smart IX BBIX Transit Service
Sites Data Center 1G Ethernet 10G Ethernet 100G Ethernet 400G Ethernet
Asia Japan Tokyo BBIX Tokyo No.1 NTT DATA Otemachi *
BBIX Tokyo No.2 Digital Edge TYO2 (ComSpace 1) *
BBIX Tokyo No.3 Equinix TY2 *
BBIX Tokyo No.4 Equinix TY4 *
BBIX Tokyo No.6 SoftBank Maruyama CLS *
BBIX Tokyo No.7 NTT Communications Nexcenter *
BBIX Tokyo No.8 Colt DCS Tokyo Shiohama DC *
BBIX Tokyo No.9 Colt DCS Inzai 1 DC *
BBIX Tokyo No.10 SCSK netXDC Chiba Center *
BBIX Tokyo No.12 SoftBank Tokyo No.4 Data Center *
BBIX Sendai TOHKnet Sendai Central Data Center *
BBIX Okinawa FRT Data Center (iDC) *
Osaka BBIX Osaka No.1 NTT DATA Dojima *
BBIX Osaka No.2 Equinix OS1 *
BBIX Osaka No.3 NTT SmartConnect Dojima *
BBIX Osaka No.4 AT TOKYO DC12 *
BBIX Osaka No.5 Sonezaki Data Center *
BBIX Osaka No.6 Equinix OS3 *
BBIX Osaka No.7 Digital Edge OSA1 *
Fukuoka BBIX Fukuoka QTnet Fukuoka No.3
Data Center
Hong Kong Hong Kong BBIX Hong Kong No.1 Mega-i *
BBIX Hong Kong No.2 Equinix HK1 *
Philippines Manila BBIX Manila No.1 ePLDT VITRO Makati 2 *
BBIX Manila No.2 ePLDT VITRO Makati 1 *
BBIX Manila No.3 ePLDT VITRO Pasige *
BBIX Manila No.4 Globe Data Center (MK2) *
BBIX Manila No.5 Total Information Management Corp. Carmona *
BBIX Manila No.6 Digital Edge MNL1 (NARRA1) *
BBIX Manila No.7 Globe Data Center (QC2) *
Singapore Singapore BBIX Singapore No.1 Equinix SG1 *
BBIX Singapore No.2 Equinix SG5 *
BBIX Singapore No.3 Global Switch Singapore Tai Seng *
BBIX Singapore No.4 STT Singapore 5 *
Thailand Thailand BBIX Bangkok No.1 True IDC North Muang Thong *
BBIX Bangkok No.2 NT Bangrak Tower *
BBIX Bangkok No.3 NTT Bangkok 1 Data Center *
BBIX Bangkok No.4 Telehouse Bangkok *
N. America United States US-West BBIX LA CoreSite LA1 *
BBIX San Jose Equinix SV5 *
Chicago BBIX Chicago Equinix CH1 *
Dallas BBIX Dallas Equinix DA6 *
Miami BBIX Miami Equinix MI1 *
Europe Netherlands Amsterdam BBIX Amsterdam Digital Realty AMS9 *
BBIX Rotterdam Smartdc Rotterdam *
United Kingdom London BBIX London Telehouse Dockland North2 *
France Marseille BBIX Marseille Digital Realty MRS2 *

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Participants List

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Implementation Flow

Implementation Flow

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