BBIX for Microsoft Azure Peering Service

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About the Service

“BBIX for Microsoft Azure Peering Service” is an optional service of IX service and ensures customers the environment of internet connectivity to “Microsoft Cloud” such as Microsoft 365 and Dynamic 365 with high, reliable and stable quality.

※BBIX is the official peering partner for Microsoft’s Microsoft Azure Peering Service certifeid by Microsoft.

About the Service


image1 Fast & Seamless Connection Connect to Microsoft network in one hop. The fast and seamless connection route to Microsoft Cloud is available.
image2 High Security Route is stable and not affected by BGP hijacking and/or BGP leaks. All customers including government agencies, local authority and enterprise customers can use the service comfortably.
image3 High Quality BBIX ensures high availability and quality of the service by its traffic prioritization control (CoS, Class of Service) and network redundancy.
image4 Network Monitoring/Visualization Microsoft Portal enables customers to view network performance and usability.
image5 Reliable Support BBIX Network Operation Center Support and Monitoring are available for 24x7x4.


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Implementation Flow

Implementation Flow

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