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IX Connect ServiceIPv4/IPv6 Dualstack

BBIX Provides Mutual Exchange Points For ISPs, Data Center Operators, Educational Institutes, Companies and Other Users.

BBIX is the 100% subsidiary of SoftBank Corporation(AS17676 & AS4725). Its aim is to bring an ideal peering environment into Japan and Asia.
Since BBIX provides multilingual assistance (Japanese, Chinese and English) for Peering Support, General Technical issues and Business Development in Asia, many multinational operators select BBIX for the Internet Exchange in Japan. Now it is one of the major exchange points in Asia.
BBIX provides high quality Internet Exchange (IX) Service in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Optional ServiceIPv4/IPv6 Dualstack

BBIX provides various optional service to support all members

Route Server Option As a participant, you receive other participants' routes and anounce your routes to them, without having establish multiple direct sessions.
Smart IX Option Smart IX Option provides inter-node connectivity among the BBIX's international nodes.
Link Aggregate Option Bundled port(1G/10G/100G) can be provided.
VLAN Option Multiple service VLANs available, allowing you to have IX, Private and Transit traffic on a single port or set of ports.

Risk Dispersion

BBIX Tokyo 1 NTTDATA Otemachi Bldg.
Connect Point: Broadband Tower co. ltd., Meet-Me Room
BBIX Tokyo 2 ComSpace I Bldg.
IDC Frontier, Tokyo Nihonbashi Data Center
Connect Point: BBIX Rack
BBIX Tokyo 3 Equinix Japan Inc.,Tokyo IBX data center(TY2)
Connect Point: BBIX Rack
BBIX Tokyo 4 Equinix Japan Inc.,Tokyo IBX data center(TY4)
Connect Point: BBIX Rack
BBIX Tokyo 5 AT TOKYO, Chuo Center(CC1)
Connect Point: BBIX Rack
BBIX Tokyo 6 SoftBank Maruyama Cable Landing Station
Connect Point: BBIX Rack
BBIX Osaka NTTDATA Dojima Bldg.
Connect Point: NTT Data co. ltd., Meet-Me Room
BBIX Okinawa First Riding Technology
Connect Point: BBIX Rack

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