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BBIX Launches New IX Point “BBIX Tokyo 11” at “SoftBank Chiba Building”

January 18, 2019
BBIX, Inc.

BBIX Launches New IX Point “BBIX Tokyo 11” at “SoftBank Chiba Building”

Launching 3 IX points and will provide IX service in Inzai area

BBIX, Inc.(“BBIX”), the Internet exchange (IX) business arm of the SoftBank Group today announced the launch of a new IX point “BBIX Tokyo 11” that will start operations from June 2019

“BBIX Tokyo 11” will be located in the SoftBank Corp. owned SoftBank Chiba Building “SoftBank Chiba Building”, one of the major network stations of SoftBank Content providers and Internet service providers (ISPs) in Tohoku, Kanto, Hokuriku and Joshinetsu area of Japan will be able to use the service offered by BBIX easily via core backbone network of SoftBank. Customers who connect to “BBIX Tokyo 11” will be able to achieve direct connectivity with more than 190 other operators who connect to BBIX’s other IX points in Tokyo and “BBIX Okinawa”, as well as those who connect to BBIX Hong Kong and BBIX Singapore via Smart IX without having to worry about higher international backhaul costs.

Inzai area which “BBIX Tokyo 11” will be located is recognized as one of the major cluster points of the server farms and suburban data centers in Japan. BBIX will also launch “BBIX Tokyo 9” in Colt Data Centre Services operated “Inzai 1 Data Centre and “BBIX Tokyo 10” in SCSK Corporation owned “netXDC Chiba Center” which is also located at the Inzai area. BBIX will provide IX service with lower latency and higher quality through its “IX Connect Service” at both sites to the customers who operates data center service in Inzai area.

The importance of direct peering between Internet companies is becoming increasingly important due to further popularization of cloud services, expansion of in house operation of corporate business networks , and utilization of higher speed access circuits BBIX aims to solve the difficulties in the external connectivity of the customers in local areas and provide the effective connection between the customers as well as contribute to customers’ enhancement of interconnection quality and cost reduction by providing opportunities with efficient data traffic exchange through “BBIX Tokyo 11”.

■ “BBIX Tokyo 11” outline
1.Service Location
SoftBank Chiba Building (Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture)

2.Offering services
“IX Connect Service”

Service A mutual interconnection point for traffic exchange between users such as major content providers, Internet service providers (ISPs), educational institutions and corporations
Port Type 1G Ethernet / 10G Ethernet / 100G Ethernet
Optional Service Link Aggregation
Route Server

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■ About BBIX
Company Name: BBIX, Inc.
Head Office: 1-9-1 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Keiichi Makizono, President & CEO
Date of Est.: June 13, 2003
Capital: 100 million yen
Shareholder: 100% owned by SoftBank Corp.
Business: Telecommunications operator under Japan’s Telecommunications Business Act; leasing, maintenance & management of telecommunications equipment; development, sales, maintenance & management of computer hardware/software

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