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Inauguration of the Cloud IX Study Council

September 19, 2013
BBIX, Inc.

Announcement re: Inauguration of the Cloud IX Study Council

BBIX, Inc. (Head office: Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Junichi Miyakawa), a member of the SoftBank Group, announces that the Cloud IX Study Council (the “Council”), which is mainly composed of companies using BBIX’s IX Connect service, has been inaugurated, and started full-fledged activities.

■ Cloud IX Study Council participating members and purpose
The Council is mainly comprised of major Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), major Internet service providers (ISPs), major data center/cloud service providers and major content providers. Anticipating the coming cloud computing era and smartphone era, the Council aims to realize ideal network routing, traffic exchanges and enhanced quality in their operation. The Council will also serve as a community that fosters strengthened collaboration between operators and providers. Going beyond current BGP traffic control in Internet Exchange (IX), the Council will place special focus on examining the possibilities of various technologies and or business tie-ups. In the future, the Council anticipates contributing to the creation of new business innovations among customers using IX Connect Service.

■ Specific initiatives
As near-term initiatives, the Council plans to start activities based primarily on the following topics.
・ Operation collaboration between companies in relation to interoperability.
・ Promotion of optimal traffic dispersion to regions away from Otemachi, Tokyo, where the Internet traffic is heavily concentrated.
・ Building new network connection environments (eg. Interconnection between different Clouds) and creating new businesses that stem from these environments.
Working Groups formed within the Council will study and discuss the above topics.

■ Future goals
The Council aims to partially standardize tips and know-how related to technologies and operations originating from activities based on its discussions and studies, or make them public. The Council also believes it can contribute to the overall development of the Internet by utilizing its research findings.

■ Cloud IX Study Council Logo

■ Participating companies (that have given permission for listing, in alphabetical order)
BBIX, Inc.
CyberAgent, Inc.
DataHotel Co., Ltd.
GMO Internet, Inc.
GREE, Inc.
IDC Frontier Inc.
mixi, Inc.
NIFTY Corporation
SAKURA Internet Inc.
SoftBank BB Corp.
TOKAI Communications Corporation

■ About BBIX
Company name: BBIX, Inc.
Head office: 1-9-1 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Junichi Miyakawa, President & CEO
Date of est.: June 13, 2003
Capital: 100 million yen
Ownership: 100% owned by SoftBank BB Corp.
Business: Telecommunications operator under Japan’s Telecommunications Business Act; leasing, maintenance & management of telecommunications equipment; development, sales, maintenance & management of computer hardware/software.

Cloud IX Study Council Secretariat:

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