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BBIX and Smartdc join forces in expanding its Internet Exchange footprint in Rotterdam

September 6, 2023
BBIX, Inc.
BBIX Europe B.V.

BBIX and Smartdc join forces in expanding its Internet Exchange footprint in Rotterdam

BBIX, Inc. (“BBIX”), a leading carrier-neutral, data-center-neutral Internet Exchange (IX) platform in Asia is pleased to announce its partnership with Smartdc, the sister company of BBIX will expand its IX footprint in the Rotterdam data center, operated by Smartdc Rotterdam, in the 1st quarter of 2024.

With the establishment of a new IX point in Rotterdam, BBIX will not only further expand its footprint in Europe, but also enhance the decade-long partnership between and its sister company, Smartdc.

“BBIX has been unique to us in actively thinking along how to connect our network and build towards our shared purpose of creating a better internet,” comments Stefan Ideler, CTO at Smartdc.

Ever since joining the backbone network of (AS49544) as the first Asian IXP, our relationship has grown stronger with supporting our IX points in Hong Kong and Singapore, and now with this collaboration with Smartdc in Europe. While the collaboration has shifted its place from Asia to Europe, our purpose to bring communities closer together, and our vision to improve the network ecosystem, remains the same.

“Working as a team with Smartdc and has the power to double our energy to achieving the mutual purpose, and accelerate the provision of carrier-neutrality and greater added values to customers around the world,” comments Michikazu Fukuchi, Executive Vice President, Board Director and COO at BBIX.

With the opening of a new IX point in Rotterdam, BBIX will continue to provide carrier-neutral, low-latency, and wide-coverage IX service to our customers around the world.

■About Smartdc

Smartdc offers performance-oriented data centers with an extensive in-house carrier ecosystem. With data centers in the Netherlands, Canada and France, Smartdc provides high-speed and secure colocation and connectivity services. All Smartdc data centers feature an on-site support team, a network operations center with optimal uptime and the finest technical solutions for your network connections. Smartdc has always strived to implement the best security and sustainability practices at its data centers. The Rotterdam data center utilizes 100% renewable energy, and further reduces its environmental footprint with the innovative Residual Heat Project saving 800,000 m3 of natural gas per year at the neighboring Van Nelle Fabriek, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
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■About is a leading provider of high-performance compute and connectivity services. The company operates a low-latency network, with thousands of servers spread over 60+ points of presence on 6 continents. excels in the gaming market and hosts a variety of AAA games, including game titles from EA, Epic Games and Ubisoft. enables its gaming and enterprise customers to deploy, scale, and manage their applications to nearly 700 million users across the globe.’s goal is to reach 1 billion users on its platform by 2025.
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