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BBIX launches “Transit Partner Program”

September 1, 2020
BBIX, Inc.

BBIX launches “Transit Partner Program”

~Carrier-free transit service available on IX service~

Tokyo, September 1, 2020 – BBIX, Inc. (“BBIX”), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. that conducts an Internet Exchange (IX) business, today announced that from September 1, 2020, it will launch the “Transit Partner Program.” The program introduces transit service providers on the BBIX official website to customers who are considering building an Internet environment with transit services via BBIX’s IX service.

The Transit Partner Program will enable customers to efficiently use transit services on the same network as the IX service and will allow them to freely select the services of multiple transit service providers participating in the program. The seamless connection of the IX service and transit services will enable stable network construction.

BBIX will continue to contribute to the development of the Internet by making it possible for more and more transit service providers in Japan and overseas to participate in and create an efficient and high-quality Internet usage environment.

■“Transit Partner Program” page


■Participating Transit Service Providers

・BroadBand Tower, Inc.
・China Mobile International K.K.
・NetIRD Inc.
・SoftBank Corp.
・TOKAI Communications Corporation


Yosuke Hiyama, Member of the Board & Operating Officer of BroadBand Tower, Inc.

“Thank you very much for planning this program. We have been operating as a carrier-neutral data center since our establishment, and we have added new customers by establishing a new partnership with BBIX, a carrier-free IX. We are very pleased to start providing value. We will strive to provide useful transit services for the seamless use of the Internet in response to recent changes in the social environment such as the increase in Internet traffic, the practice of new lifestyles, and the promotion of work style reform.”

Akira Hamada, Managing Director, China Mobile International K.K.

“China Mobile International provides carrier-grade transit services on high-capacity, globalized networks. Through BBIX’s broadband IX infrastructure, we are able to provide high-quality, reliable services to a wide range of customers. We are pleased to be able to provide a highly reliable Internet connection.”

Tomoki Yamada, Representative Director, NetIRD Inc.

“NetIRD Inc. is very pleased that BBIX, Inc. has just started the ‘Transit Partner Program’. As a regional ISP, we have been supporting regional infrastructure for 25 years. With the structure of the ‘new normal’ business environment created by Covid-19, while the traffic is increasing more and more, we are convinced that the ability to select multiple transit service providers at the IX connection point through the ‘Transit Partner Program’ will be an excellent solution in terms of efficiency and quality. By making full use of the Transit Partner Program, we will continue to focus on providing infrastructure services that can earn further trust from our customers.”

Hiroyasu Nakatsuka, Senior Director, Enterprise Service Promotion Division, Enterprise Product & Business Strategy Division, Enterprise Business Unit., SoftBank Corp.

“SoftBank is very pleased to be able to participate in this program introduced by BBIX based on the carrier-neutral philosophy. Through this program, we will contribute to the enhancement of the Internet environment for various uses by companies and individuals.”

Tsuyoshi Takahashi, Executive Vice President, TOKAI Communications Corporation

“TOKAI Communications welcomes the launch of BBIX’s Transit Partner Program. With the launch of this program, Transit Partners are now able to provide transit services directly to BBIX customers. Our corporate network service ‘Broadline’ is not only a closed network service that directly connects customers’ bases, data centers and various public cloud services, but it is also a major feature that it can provide high-speed and high-quality transit services. TOKAI Communications will contribute to the activities of customers using BBIX through the provision of transit services through this initiative.”

Michikazu Fukuchi, Executive Vice President, Board Director and COO of BBIX, Inc.

“We are very pleased that various transit service providers were able to participate in this program. It is our goal as a carrier-neutral IX to create an environment in which transit service providers can be selected on the IX service. We believe that this is our responsibility, and that is why we have launched this program. BBIX hopes that this program will not only provide an Internet platform but also provide a platform for everyone to gather and create new business.”

■About BBIX

Company Name: BBIX, Inc.
Headquarters: 1-9-1 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Keiichi Makizono, President and CEO
Date of establishment: June 13, 2003
Capital: 100 million yen
Ownership: 100% owned by SoftBank Corp.
Business: Telecommunications business based on the Telecommunications Business Act, contracted leasing, maintenance and management of telecommunications equipment,outsourcing of development, sales, maintenance and management of computer hardware and software

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