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Announcement of Change of Service Name for “Smart IX Option”

June 24, 2024
BBIX, Inc.

Announcement of Change of Service Name for “Smart IX Option”

BBIX, Inc. will change the names of the optional services, “Inter-node” and “Remote Peering” provided to customers using “Smart IX Service” starting from June 27, 2024.

■ Change of Service Name

Previous Name New Name
Smart IX Option – Inter-node
Smart IX Option – Remote Peering
Smart IX Remote Peering

■ Effective date

June 27, 2024*

*Applicable from July 2024 usage onwards.

■ Impact of Service Name Change

The changes in service name will not have impact on BBIX services, fees or any other current usage.

■ Inquiries

Please contact for any inquiries.

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