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BBIX Partners with SMART to Revolutionize Data Roaming in the Philippines

May 7, 2024
BBIX, Inc.

BBIX Partners with SMART to Revolutionize Data Roaming in the Philippines

BBIX, Inc. (“BBIX”), a leading global Internet Exchange (“IX”) service provider, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with PLDT Enterprise, the B2B arm of PLDT Inc. (“PLDT”) and its wholly-owned mobile network operator, Smart Communications Inc. (“Smart”), to introduce the Roaming Peering eXchange (“RPX”) service in the Philippines. This collaboration signifies a major leap forward in enhancing data roaming services for both inbound and outbound subscribers, leveraging BBIX’s advanced Layer 2 (“L2”) connectivity for unparalleled service quality.

RPX is the only mobile roaming exchange in the market today which provides direct Layer 2 peering between Mobile Network Operators (“MNOs”) with extremely low latency and cost in comparison to GPRS roaming exchange (“GRX”), a hub for General Packet Radio Service for mobile communications service. RPX is a simple peering platform for data roaming with its concept brought from IX, the core business of BBIX.

The RPX stands as a monumental advancement in mobile roaming technology. By interconnecting MNOs worldwide on BBIX’s robust L2 platform, the RPX facilitates a direct L2 peering among MNOs. This architecture not only achieves remarkably low latency and cost but also bypasses the traditional IP eXchange (“IPX”) services, enabling faster, more reliable data transfers and significantly improved customer experience.

■More Value to the Customers

Providing an enhanced customer experience, this partnership means that subscribers of Smart will enjoy faster internet speeds, higher throughput thanks to the low-latency, high-quality traffic exchange enabled by RPX. Through the innovative technology, while leveraging BBIX’s L2 platform, the RPX bypasses traditional IPX, offering a direct, efficient route for data exchange and setting a new benchmark for roaming services.

“Our partnership with BBIX is a testament to our commitment to providing our subscribers with the best possible data roaming experience,” said Benedict Patrick Alcoseba, First Vice President and Head of Enterprise Product Management at PLDT Enterprise. “With RPX, we’re not just improving speed and reliability; we’re redefining what our customers can expect from international roaming services. We remain committed to the success of our customers, and RPX is a pivotal step in ensuring seamless connectivity for them across borders.”

Further explaining the impact of the partnership, Alcoseba explained that “RPXs L2 architecture drives customer MNOs to exchange data roaming traffic faster than ever by bypassing GRX. It enables sending and receiving traffics directly between the roaming partner MNOs with the minimized latency, which brings end-users to the ultimate data roaming experience. Offloading GRX traffic to RPX also reduces costs drastically, enabled by the simple flat-rated pricings per physical ethernet port interface.”

Michikazu Charlie Fukuchi, Executive Vice President, Board Director & COO of BBIX, Inc., expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, “By integrating Smart into the RPX platform, we’re setting a new standard for data roaming globally. This initiative will not only enhance connectivity for Smart’s subscribers but also attract MNOs seeking efficient and cost-effective data exchange solutions.”

■Transforming the Data Roaming Landscape

As part of this strategic collaboration, BBIX has also facilitated PLDT’s upgrade of its IX peering with BBIX to 100Gb in December 2023. This move further cements the synergy between BBIX and PLDT, ensuring top-tier service delivery for the end-users.

PLDT Enterprise, with its longstanding reputation for delivering comprehensive digital and telecommunication solutions, together with BBIX’s expertise in IX peering services, are set to transform the data roaming landscape in the Philippines and beyond.

“In this groundbreaking partnership with BBIX, we are not just enhancing our service offerings but truly transforming the way our customers experience connectivity across borders. Our collaborative efforts pave the way for a future where data roaming is not only faster and more reliable but also more accessible to everyone, anywhere. At PLDT and Smart, we are committed to continuously innovating and elevating the experience we deliver, ensuring that our customers always stay connected, no matter where they are in the world,” concluded Mitch Locsin, First Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International Core Business, PLDT and Smart.

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