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Open Connectivity eXchange Supports Cloud Connectivity at Osaka Location

March 4, 2024
BBIX, Inc.

Open Connectivity eXchange Supports Cloud Connectivity at Osaka Location

BBIX, Inc. (“BBIX”) is pleased to announce that the “Cloud Connection” of “Open Connectivity eXchange” (“OCX”), which is jointly developed with BBSakura Networks, Inc., will support the connection at Osaka Location from today.

“Cloud Connection” is the virtual interface created when users establish connections to cloud services on OCX. In addition to Tokyo, the new Osaka location enables the OCX users to establish fault-tolerant, low-latency, and scalable cloud connectivity based on geographic redundancy for eastern and western Japan.

BBIX will strive to continue to build a network cloud infrastructure that supports DX (Digital Transformation) and communication environment by providing more convenient services in the multi-cloud era.

■Supported cloud services at OCX Osaka Location

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