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BBIX supports “100G-LR1” on its IX Service

November 7, 2023
BBIX, Inc.

BBIX supports “100G-LR1” on its IX Service

BBIX, Inc. (“BBIX”) will support new optical transceiver, “100G-LR1” on its “IX Connect Service” and start providing from January 2024.

Until now, the “100G-LR4” has been the dominant 100G Ethernet interface for IX services, which uses four lasers to transmit a 25 Gbps signal. The newly introduced “100G-LR1” transmits a 100 Gbps signal with a single laser. This reduces design complexity, saves power, and reduces laser procurement costs.

BBIX will continue to provide solutions that contribute to the development of the Internet and strive to improve the quality of its services.

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