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Announcement of Launch of “Cloud Connection Managed Peering Router”

August 18, 2022
BBIX, Inc.

Announcement of Launch of “Cloud Connection Managed Peering Router”

BBIX, Inc. (“BBIX”) has added “Cloud Connection Managed Peering Router,” a service specialized in cloud connectivity, to “Managed Peering Router,” a service that manages installation, operation and maintenance of BGP routers for customers. This new service will be offered starting from October 2022.

“Cloud Connection Managed Peering Router” is a service that helps support installation, operation, and maintenance of BGP routers in a closed network environment specifically for customers who would like to connect directly to cloud services. Through the portal system, which is provided as standard service, customers can monitor their router, request for configuration changes, and report network failures, so that they can start their own network operations with reassurance.

BBIX will continue to strive to provide more convenient services and features.

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