Routing Security – MANRS

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BBIX, Inc.(“BBIX”) has participated the MANRS(Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) programme and adheres to the following MANRS principles as a role of Internet Exchanges in reinforcing routing security crucial.


BBIX implements filtering of route announcements at the Route Server based on routing information data (IRR and/or RPKI).


BBIX encourages or assist our members to keep their IRR data up-to-date, and also provides an RPKI ROA cash server information.


BBIX facilitate to share routing security technology and demonstration experiments with other IX providers and participate in research.


BBIX provides “Looking Glass” as monitoring and debugging tools to the members.

Implementation Schedule

Zone ASN Date of Participate
Singapore AS59369 June 21, 2023
Hong Kong AS59360 August 02, 2023
US West LA : AS46136 October 19, 2023
San Jose:AS36470 October 19, 2023
Tokyo AS23640 December 05, 2023
Osaka AS23640 December 05, 2023
Fukuoka AS146978 December 05, 2023