Code of Conduct

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BBIX, Inc.’s (“BBIX”) Code of Conduct was created to further pursue and commit to our corporate philosophy, “Connect, Spread, to the World.”
With our Code of Conduct, BBIX will continue to strive in contributing to the development of the Internet, as well as everyone around us.

1.Be a “Borderless Group”

We will transcend boundaries to form an alliance among Customers, Employees, and Business Partners, and create value with a sense of ownership and responsibility.

2.Trust, Respect, with Sincerity

We will treat others with trust and respect, and act sincerely. Even to competitors.
We will also adhere to compliance rules and regulations.

3.Think Globally, Act Locally

We will “Think Big” and “Start Small.”
With a global mindset, we will plan and act accordingly to local culture and customs, while showing full respect to local customers and its community.

4.Create Value with Speed

We will create value through “Quick Actions.”

5.Enjoy Challenges and Foster Growth

We will continuously challenge ourselves to see both personal and company growth.
We will support one another’s challenges, and help promote growth.