Service Introduction Merit

Enable to use seamless dual stack environment of IPv4 and IPv6

Hybrid Service of IPv6 and IPv4 BBIX provides wealth of options.

In IPv6 and IPv4 Hybrid Internet Service, you can use IPv4 Internet Access by IPv4 over IPv6 technology, in addition to Native IPv6 internet service.
Moreover, we propose Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) and 050IP-Phones for ISP business operators to expand business.

The Difference between IPv6 IPoE+IPv4 Hybrid Service and Native IPv6 IPoE

  • IPv6 IPoE+IPv4 Hybrid Service

  • Native IPv6 IPoE

Service Lineup ?Dedicated Broadband Rounter by BBIX

Wireless LAN Wireless LAN Service
BB-Phone 050 IP Phone Service Using HIKARI
Options of BB-Phone Option Pack Mobile 30OFF, Call Forwarding Service, Number Display Service
Mobile 30 OFF Call Discount for Mobile Service
Call Forwarding Service Receive BB-Phone Call with Other Number
Number Display Service Number Display Service
Display Number to Intended Party Display 050 Number to Intended Party
Display Setting of Last 4 Number Display ?Non Display Setting of Last 4 Number of Intended Party on Billing Details
White Call 24 24H Free Call to Softbank Mobile
HIKARI DENWA Enable to Use "HIKARI DENWA" Service by NTT
Dpa Tuner Plus Wireless Dpa Using Broadband Router and Dedicated USB
Set Up Service Setting and Connecting Service by Visiting Staff

Type Of FLET'S Service

NTT Service Type
NTT EAST FLET'S HIKARI NEXT Family /Family High Speed Type/Giga Family Smart Type/Family Gigaline Type
Mansion/Mansion High Speed Type/Giga Mansion Smart Type/Mansion Gigaline Type
Business Type
NTT WEST FLET'S HIKARI NEXT Family / Family High Speed Type / Family Express Type
Mansion / Mansion High Speed Type / Mansion Express Type
Business Type

Note: FLET’S HIKARI is the general term of “FLET’S HIKARI NEXT”, “FLET’S HIKARI PREMIUM”, “B FLET’S” and “FLET’S HKARI LITE”, provided by NTT EAST and NTT WEST.
Note: “FLET’S HIKARI NEXT”, “B FLET’S” and “FLET’S HIKARI LITE” are the registered trade mark of NTT East.
Note: “FLET’S HIKARI NEXT”, “FLET’S HIKARI PREMIUM”, “BFLET’S” and “FLET’S HIKARI LITE” are the registered trade mark of NTT West.

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